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Blood of Martyrs series

Roman Night Cover

The church grows, but Sebastian and Susanna are maligned by a traitor.
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Other Novels

Chemtrail Cover Thumbnail Rahab Cover Thumbnail The Chalice Cover Thumbnail
Using a Directed Energy Weapon, the professor destroys fumingating planes in flight. Rahab was suffering threats and humiliation until Salmah the Israelite spy showed up. Rampaging through fifteenth-century Bohemia, Dracula waylays a young Hussite knight.
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Strange Theater anthology

Singularity Cover Thumbnail Cape of Storms Cover Thumbnail Valley of Oblivion Cover Thumbnail
Dr. Paul Stafford infiltrates the shadow government to sabotage their genetic plans. Jan Koenraadz assumes command of the Seashorse to catch mutineers with the help of a ghost ship. The orphaned Little Jesse goes to live with his Vietnam vet uncle, and both come to a surprising realization.
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Beast of the Yukon Cover    
Anthropologist Colt Brennan joins a Canadian Mountie who is pursuing bandits to their hideout in the Valley of Sasquatch.    
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