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The following are some papers and one non-fiction book reflecting the research for the novels.


Chemfiles: The Chemtrail Companion Problems with the Eisodus Solved

Expository information on the Chemtrail phenomenon, which reveals the reasoning for some of the conclusions portrayed in the Sci-Fi Thriller Chemtrail.

This non-fiction book examines the chemical and biological ingredients of Chemtrails, weather manipulation and Geoengineering, the history of American military experimentation on the public and the mind-control techniques used by the Intelligence establishment, the development and use of Psychotronic devices, genetic engineering, Transhumanism, the spiritual connection from a Christian perspective, and religious cults.

This paper addresses apparent discrepencies in the Biblical book of Joshua as referenced in the novel World Without End: Rahab.

Ashtoreth and the Curse of Canaan

Exploring the curious nature of the Canaanites through a Biblical lens, taking into account Noah's cursing of Canaan. One of the major deities of their religion, Ashtoreth, reflects many of their defining traits which figure in the novel World Without End: Rahab.

The Etymology of Rahab's Name Medieval Demonology

Conventional wisdom says that the name Rahab is Egyptian. This paper questions that assertion, exploring the possibility that its origin suggests a clue to the identity of the Biblical heroine, since her name does not appear to be Canaanite or Hebrew.

Footnotes for The Chalice.