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Strange Theater is an anthology of weird, paranormal, and science fiction tales.

Beast of the Yukon

Who would have guessed that Colt Brennan was an anthropologist? While tracking Bigfoot in an attempt to prove the new theory of evolution, Colt and his guide, an old prospector, are robbed by a gang of cutthroats. One of them carelessly divulges the location of their hideout, the Valley of Sasquatch. What an auspicious clue. Following Yukon Jack's gang into British Columbia, the trackers join forces with Sergeant Preston Steele of the Northwest Mounted Police who is also pursuing the robbers. A local urchin who is infatuated with Steele tags along, presenting herself to them when they are too deep in the frontier to turn back. But Susannah is enough of a tomboy to meet the challenge; which includes some surprising revelations about Bigfoot.