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Cape of Storms Cover

Strange Theater is an anthology of weird, paranormal, and science fiction tales.

Cape of Storms

After enduring a catastrophic storm off the Cape of Good Hope, which nearly wrecks the accursed two hundredth voyage of The Dutch East India Company, 1641; the youthful Jan Koenraadz must assume command of the Seahorse, one of the ships in the convoy. "The Cape of Storms," as Good Hope is also called, is more that just the turbulent confluence of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, however. It is an inter-dimensional maelstrom fueled by Nemesis and Greed. Jan’s father, the seasoned captain of the Flying Dutchman, haunted by the demon of his bad conscience, is sucked into the dimensional storm. Soon afterward, mutineers commandeer the Golden Dragon, which is heavily laden with gold. But Jan is concerned about a far greater treasure on board that ship, the beautiful Marijse, daughter of a Calvinist missionary. The Flying Dutchman, now a ghost ship, tenaciously dogs the Dragon, having become itself a Fury haunting the greedy seas. When it drives the merchantman aground on a deserted island, Jan must engage the crazed mutineers who have started slaughtering passengers.