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Rahab Cover

Rahab thought she had it bad when she was forced to dance in the decadent palace of King Zabdo-Siri. Fortunately, her servant and friend, Khuenre the Egyptian eunuch, a proselyte of Jehovah, gave her hope. But now that she had negotiated the gauntlet of maintaining her integrity, managing her tavern, the nefarious Priest of Yarikh is importuning her. Niqmad is infatuated with this embodiment of Ashtoreth. And Jericho is in lock-down because of an imminent Israelite invasion. Then Salmah prince of Judah shows up, the stranger of whom she had dreamed. Unfortunately, she would have to wait to be reunited with the handsome spy. Meanwhile, Niqmad discovers Rahab’s traitorous sympathies and sets out to murder her. Clues to the Priest’s disappearance lead the King to Rahab’s Tavern. Salmah and the Israelites cannot come soon enough.