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Chemfiles: The Chemtrail Companion Problems with the Eisodus Solved

Expository information on the Chemtrail phenomenon, which reveals the reasoning for some of the conclusions portrayed in the Sci-Fi Thriller Chemtrail.

This non-fiction book examines the chemical and biological ingredients of Chemtrails, weather manipulation and Geoengineering, the history of American military experimentation on the public and the mind-control techniques used by the Intelligence establishment, the development and use of Psychotronic devices, genetic engineering, Transhumanism, the spiritual connection from a Christian perspective, and religious cults.

This paper addresses apparent discrepencies in the Biblical book of Joshua as referenced in the novel World Without End: Rahab.

Ashtoreth and the Curse of Canaan

Exploring the curious nature of the Canaanites through a Biblical lens, taking into account Noah's cursing of Canaan. One of their major deities, Ashtoreth, reflects many of their defining traits which figure in the novel World Without End: Rahab.

The Etymology of Rahab's Name Medieval Demonology

Conventional wisdom says that the name Rahab is Egyptian. This paper questions that assertion, exploring the possibility that its origin suggests a clue to the identity of the Biblical heroine, since her name does not appear to be Canaanite or Hebrew.

Footnotes for The Chalice.